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Ingredient Battle: Essential Oils vs Seed Oil

Ingredient Battle: Essential Oils vs Seed Oil


What is it?

Essential oils are pulled from the bark, leaves, petals, roots, and stems from various plants, and are distilled into oil. They are high in concentration, which means applying them directly to your skin can be a bad idea. They are often combined with a carrier oil, or seed oil.

Why do people love it?

The effects of essential oils on the skin are amazing. But what people love most is that the ingredients are all natural. You won’t be using any product on your face that could harm your skin.
lavender oil


The concentration of essential oils, even when combined with a carrier oil, provide a powerful healing and revitalizing product to your skin. Some of the many oils and their benefits include:


Fights against bacteria and inflammation, making it ideal for acne-prone skin. It also reduces the size of pores and evens out skin-tone.


Not only will you love the smell (who doesn’t feel their body relaxing at the first whiff of lavender?), it also helps skin cells regenerate, reducing the appearance of sunspots, scarring, and aging.
lavender in bottle


Fantastic for oily skin, geranium helps to regulate oil production. Which, as those of us with oily skin know, reduces breakouts.

How to use it?

Before applying to your face, combine essential oils with a carrier oil. Then apply it as any other skin care product!


What is it?

Seed oils come from the same plants as essential oils, but are pulled from the fatty portions of plants, such as the nuts and seeds. While often used for cooking, they are also used as their own skin care treatment, or as a solution to dilute other more potent oils, like essential oils.
argan tree

Why do people love it?

First, they are an ideal carrier for essential oils. By diluting an essential oil with a carrier oil, you can apply to your face safely, without a highly-concentrated oil touching your skin. Second, they have their own benefits, even without combining them with essential oils!


Seed oils are often ideal for moisturizing. Because they are thicker and have fattier content, they are able to help the skin retain moisture. Some seed oils and their benefits include:

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Works wonders for aging, dry skin as it deeply nourishes and regenerates. It also helps the skin remain firm and smooth and can reduce scarring, redness, and inflammation. 

rosehip oil

Argan Oil

Has high levels of vitamin E, and is packed with antioxidants, which is perfect for anti-aging. It works hard on your skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and even tightens your skin in the process.

Avocado Oil

Yes, avocados are more than just a delicious food! The oil from the avocado plant contains powerful sources of vitamins and fatty acids, which means it is an ideal moisturizer. It also has sterolin, which is an anti-inflammatory compound. It is ideal for healing age spots, sun damage, and any other skin blemishes. 

avocado oil

How to use it?

You can apply it direction to your skin, or you can add other oils to it for a more powerful skincare routine.

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