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Miranda Kerr’s Skincare Routine Review

Miranda Kerr’s Skincare Routine Review

Have you seen Miranda Kerr’s skin? At 34, her complexion is practically flawless. Which, as a supermodel, is fairly essential to the profession. We, of course, don’t know all of the steps and treatments she takes to get such youthful-looking skin. But she has shared part of her skincare routine for the world to embrace.

So what is her routine? Her routine emphasizes changing products according to how her skin is in the moment, but it also emphasizes her own skincare line (because yes, she started one). Let’s take a look at her routine and how important using her product line really is to get flawless skin.

Morning Routine

morning alarm clock

In the morning, Kerr does dry body brushing before taking a shower. Don’t know what dry body brushing is? It is when you slough off dead, flaky skin by taking a soft, natural bristle brush and rubbing it in light, circular motion everywhere on your body. Think of it as a mild exfoliation for your entire body. With exfoliation being such a key component in skincare routines, why have we not thought of this sooner?

After showering, Kerr uses products in her skincare line to wash her face, spritz on some toner, and moisturize before heading out the door. Each of these steps is important, regardless of whether or not you use her product. Why? Cleansing each morning removes any impurities and preps your face for the day. Toner helps balance the pH levels in your skin, leaving it ready to absorb your SPF moisturizer, which both moistens your skin and protects it from the sun.

Evening Routine

night routine

As mentioned above, Kerr tailors her skin care routine according how her skin is feeling each night. First, she washes her face to remove makeup and other impurities. After applying rosehip oil, she uses different moisturizers according to her skin. If she’s having a breakout, she may use a purifying moisturizer. If she’s looking to refresh her skin, she may use a revitalizing night cream. Just as with her morning routine, each of these steps is important when it comes to skincare.

Washing your face at the end of the day to remove makeup, dirt, and anything else on your face before you go to sleep is essential. Once you wash your face, your skin is ready to absorb the other products you put on next. Rosehip oil is wonderful for your skin. It has powerful anti-aging properties. But this step in the skincare routine isn’t just for rosehip oil. It is for any serum that can help heal what ails your skin. Whether that is rosehip oil or something else, serums are vitally important to regenerate and heal your skin. 

rosehip plant

And lastly, moisturizing. Keeping your skin moisturized keeps it looking young, fights off wrinkles, and will work all night long when you put it on before you sleep. So what do we think of Kerr’s skincare routine? These steps are just what we need to keep our skin looking young and healthy (and dry body brushing, we’re all about that!). But do you have to use Kerr’s products to get those results? No. Find which products work for you, and you’ll be just as happy with your results!

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