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What do Celebrities Use for Skin Care?

What do Celebrities Use for Skin Care?

Thumb through any magazine or flip through a few TV channels and you are bound to find beautiful celebrities with perfect skin smiling back at you. Even in their most candid pictures (paparazzi, anyone?), celebrities seem to have better complexions than the rest of us. So what is it that gives them the edge when it comes to skin care? Are they spending all of their millions on their beauty products? Is there some secret celebrity fountain of youth that they all gather together and drink from?  Probably not. Turns out, many celebrities swear by some pretty simple tips and tricks. Read on to see how you can get celebrity skin yourself. 

Tip #1: Expensive isn’t always better.

Even though they can technically afford it, there are celebrities who choose products that you can find at any Wal-Mart or drug store—although, let’s be honest, chances are they send someone else to buy it for them! Drew Barrymore loves a bargain and is perfectly happy with her ten-dollar cleanser, which she uses every day. It just goes to show that’s what is most important when it comes to skin care, you don’t have to shell out your life savings to find what works for you.

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Tip #2: Just say no!

Celebrities like to party, but big stars like Jennifer Lopez and WHO maintain a pretty strict no-alcohol, no-cigarettes policy, and swear that it’s a key factor in keeping their skin healthy and glowing. They also say no to the sun—that is, they never go outside without the protection of a good sunscreen or SPF moisturizer. Oh, and even with their busy schedules, coffee is always decaf, since caffeine can easily dehydrate and irritate skin, leaving it looking tired and worn out.

Tip #3: Go green

Using organic, natural beauty products is all the rage right now, with celebs like Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are always touting the newest “green” product. But it turns out that some of the best natural skin care products are right in your own kitchen. Coconut oil is a favorite among the stars for moisturizing and fighting wrinkles, and olive, almond, and grape seed oils are also credited for their healthy glow.


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Tip #4: Be picky

It’s okay to be a diva when it comes to choosing what you put on your skin. Celebrities can be pretty demanding, so you can bet they know what’s in the products they use. Take the time to read the label, and if you notice a lot of harsh ingredients like alcohol, toluene, parabens, and formaldehyde, put it back on the shelf. Yuck! Opt for more natural ingredients that you know and can pronounce!

Tip #5: Nourish your skin

We’ve already mentioned a few ingredients to avoid in your skin care products. But what should you look for? We know that celebrities love natural ingredients, but they’re especially fond of nutrient-rich products that contain lots of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and plants. And with good reason—all that good stuff does nothing but help your skin look its very best. Anti Aging Skin Care Line

So you wanna have celebrity skin?

You only need to watch one episode of a reality show to realize that you definitely shouldn’t emulate everything that celebrities do. But achieving their healthy, radiant skin is a worthy—and possible—goal. By following these simple tips, you too can put your best face forward and achieve celebrity skin status!

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