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Benefits of Oily Skin You Probably Didn't Think About

benefits of oily skin

Oily Skin

Are you getting tired of hearing about how horrible oily skin is? The message “Get rid of your oily skin!” has been sounding like a broken record for a long time. Sure, oily skin can be frustrating. You may think your skin feels greasy, that it never looks clean. But have you every stopped to think about the benefits? Now you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way benefits and oily skin go together! Oily skin is horrible.” But they do. Instead of hating it, embrace it! Because here are just some of the benefits:

oily skin natural glow

A natural glow

Who are the people who complain that oily skin doesn’t feel clean, that it is greasy? People dealing with their own oily skin. Because people looking at those with oily skin don’t see an oily face. They see a glow. Oily skin gives a natural shine, making skin look healthy and vibrant. 

Better aging

People with other skin, be jealous, because studies have shown aging is more gradual for those with oily skin. That’s right, oily skin keeps your skin looking younger and ageless longer. While dry skin often appears dull, oily skin keeps the face moist, resulting in fewer wrinkles. And that natural glow? It camouflages wrinkles and fine lines, keeping you looking younger.

Skin protectant

Have you ever thought about the effects the sun has on your skin? Or the wind? Pollution? Heat? Your skin is a sensitive organism, but especially the skin on your face. Your face is exposed to almost every weather element. So it stands to reason that an extra layer of protection on your skin would go a long way in protecting your face from the elements. Which is, in fact, true. An oily face exists because oil is continuously released from the glands. But as a result, the oil acts as a protective layer, keeping your face safe from the many elements that cause damage to the sensitive skin. 

rayon skin protectant

A natural moisturizer

If oil keeps the skin on your face moist, resulting in fewer wrinkles, what does that mean for your skin care regime? It means you don’t need to purchase as many of the anti-aging products touted to keep your skin moisturized. Your oily skin is a built-in moisturizer, as the natural oils help to lubricate the skin. Oily skin appears supple and smooth, without leaving a hole in your wallet.

A more beautiful you

Is finding the right kind of makeup to work with your oily skin frustrating? Does it seem like makeup slides off your face? While makeup may not stay on your face as easily as others, consider it an opportunity to reduce the amount of makeup you wear. Yes, that’s right, REDUCE the amount of makeup. With your natural glow, you don’t need all of the foundations, bronzers, and other products. Just add a little lip gloss and you can be red carpet ready. So remember, don’t think of oily skin as a curse. Use it to your advantage!

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