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How Often Should You Change Your Skincare Routine?

changing skin care routine

Skin Care Routine

Changing your skincare routine can feel like a risk. You may feel it’s running like a well-oiled machine. You know where to get your products, you’ve fit them into your morning and evening routines, why make changes? While the same skincare routine works well for many, the reality is, there are times and situations when we need to make changes to keep our skin looking as healthy as ever. You should change your skincare routine according to: Weather can force skin care routine change


When it’s cold outside, we put on a coat. When it’s hot, we wear shorts. It stands to reason that if we change things like our wardrobe in different seasons, shouldn’t we do something different for our skin? Absolutely! Any kind of harsh weather will be harsh on our skin. During winter, the weather is often dry, cold, and windy. Cold, dry wind can bombard your face whenever you’re outside, which means you need a better barrier on your skin to protect it. Using products like a moisturizer that deeply hydrates will keep your skin moist and protected from the cold elements.

The hot summer months can also be harsh on your skin. In the warm months, you want to slow down using deep exfoliation, retinoid, and glycolic acid products. These products strip layers of the skin, leaving your skin exposed to intense UV rays. Focus on using moisturizers and sun screen to protect your skin and not cause any damage.


That first deep wrinkle, that first laugh line. It can be terrifying. For many of us, sirens signaling the beginning of old age ring in our heads. While these signs are all natural parts of the aging process, you may feel it’s time to focus more on anti-aging. If you’re ready to focus on an anti-aging skincare routine, you’ll need to make some changes. While some products may have worked wonderfully for you at 19, they may not help you fight the aging battle as you get older.

First, use products with retinoids and glycolic acid in the evenings (when you won’t expose your skin to the sun). These products focus on deep penetration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Second, look for products with vitamin C and antioxidants. These can be used year-round and will constantly work to help you skin heal and remain healthy and supple.


Have you noticed you break out whenever you eat chocolate? Do you get frustrated when you  travel and your skin is dry and flaky, feeling like you’ve never moisturized it a day in your life? Any situation or condition that causes a flare up of skin issues is exactly when you should change your skincare routine. If you notice your skin is dry when you travel, pack a deep moisturizer. If you find your rosacea flares up when you use a wrinkle cream everyone claims works wonders, stop using it. If you break out whenever you eat certain foods, have that pimple cream handy (because no one should have to give up chocolate!). As you notice reactions to the elements, to situations, or to anything else that may cause skin issues, find a treatment that works for your skin condition and plan accordingly.

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