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Ingredient Breakdown: Lavender

Ingredient Breakdown: Lavender

Who doesn’t love walking by lavender plants? Their calming scent is often the first thing you notice when you walk past these amazing plants. And then, of course, the beautiful purple flowers resting against the green leaves jump out at you before you realize what it is you’re smelling. It is quite the experience! But its beauty and scent aren’t the only reasons why people love lavender. And we’re not here for a gardening lesson, of course! Why do we enjoy smelling it so much? And what is it about this plant that makes it many people’s go to ingredient for a variety of ailments? Let’s take a look.

Improves sleep

The smell of lavender has a calming effect on anyone who smells it, which is why it is an ideal natural sleep supplement. Its ability to help the body feel calmed and relaxed, along with its ability to signal the body that it is time to sleep, make it a powerful sleep aid. By simply diffusing some lavender before bed, or rubbing it directly onto your temples or neck, you’ll feel relaxed and ready to sleep in no time. And, because it is natural, it isn’t addictive like over-the-counter sleep aids. That’s a win!


lavender oil aromatherapy

Heals burns and wounds

Lavender contains natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Which means it can help in the healing process. And who doesn’t want help with that? So whether you burned yourself cooking, cut yourself while gardening outside, or hurt yourself in some other way, try including lavender when caring for your wound. You’ll be pretty surprised to see yourself heal more quickly. It even relieves sunburns!


lavender flower

Restores complexion

We’ve all heard about free radicals, the pollutants and chemicals that we are exposed to daily. While our body produces antioxidants to fight these, our body can only produce so much. Which is why lavender is so amazing. When you apply lavender to your skin, you are restoring antioxidants to the skin, helping it fight free radicals and keep your skin looking smooth and fresh. And, of course, lavender’s antifungal and antiseptic properties also contribute to healthy looking skin, helping to heal age spots and even out your complexion. 

model in lavender field

Reduces anxiety and stress

With its ability to help you sleep, it is no wonder lavender can help you with stress and anxiety as well. Lavender helps your body to calm and relax, which means anxiety and stress begin to lesson. Lavender calms the mind, and can help with depression, nervousness, and a variety of other difficulties. Its assists the body in helping you feel relaxed, which is something we all could use! Clearly, lavender is beneficial in more ways than one. So whether you use it daily as part of a regular skin care routine, whether you use it after a long day in the sun with too little sunscreen, or whether you use it after a particularly stressful day at the office, you will be happy you tried it. With so many benefits, who wouldn’t want to use it?
lavender flowers

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