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10 Reasons Why You Should Put Kaolin Clay on Your Face

10 Reasons Why You Should Put Kaolin Clay on Your Face

Have you heard of kaolin clay? We are kind of obsessed with it. While there are a lot of good clays out there, the benefits of using kaolin clay have us sold! What is kaolin clay, you may be asking? Kaolin clay is a naturally-occurring soft clay that is rich in the mineral kaolinite. Its colors range from white, yellow, and red to dark brown. It is most commonly found in cosmetics, and for good reason. Kaolin clay is gentle, even for sensitive skin. This makes it ideal as a face mask, such as this anti-aging purifying clay mask from Geneva Naturals. So why should you start using kaolin clay on your face? Here are ten reasons:

Kaolin Clay

1. Cleanses and exfoliates

Gets rid of debris and skin cells on the surface of skin, which is ideal for getting rid of blackheads and pimples. It penetrates deeply into your pores and pulls out any impurities, keeping your skin clean and fresh.

washing face in bubbles

2. Absorbs excess oil

If your skin is feeling oily, simply apply this mask, and voila! Your skin will be oil free, making your face less prone to pimples, blackheads, and clogged pores.

3. Helps with oily skin

Reduces the production of sebum (or oil). Which means not only does it absorb the oil on your face, as listed above, but it helps with overall oil production! When you apply it consistently, it will help your oily skin remain smooth and dry.

4. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed

When blended with essentials oils and fresh ingredients. And while kaolin clay cleans and exfoliates, the essential oils and other ingredients get to work as well, providing their own benefits to your face. So pick your favorite ingredient and get started! 

essential oils

5. Improves blood circulation to the face.

Good blood circulation keeps your skin looking its best. As more oxygen goes to the face, nutrients are delivered more readily to the skin cells. This means the skin cells are able to regenerate more easily, keeping you looking young.

6. Can be used on almost any skin type

But is most ideal for sensitive skin. Why, you may ask? Because of its mild properties, the likelihood of it causing an adverse reaction on your sensitive skin is pretty slim. For a clay that can do so much work, that sounds like a dream! 

holding hands over quirky face

7. Has nutrients that are key to good skin treatment.

So while it cleanses and exfoliates, it delivers nutrients to your cleaned skin, helping your skin look and feel healthy, young, and vibrant!

8. Boosts skin cell renewal.

Without skin cell renewal, your face can look dull and tired. Why? Because simply removing dead skin cells only does so much! You skin needs to be able to renew the skin cells for that youthful glow.

9. Keeps skin moist

Through its high concentration of silica. Silica is a compound that helps in both removing dead skin and maintaining moisture. Which means, when you take off the mask, your skin won’t feel dry. It will feel supple, which is what we all want! 

silica in mound for skincare

10. Easily prepared at home as a mask.

Simply combine the clay with equal parts water, apply to your face, and let the mask dry on your skin (typically about 15 minutes. Only about 5 minutes for sensitive skin). Then wash off with water. Easy as that.

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