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10 Face Care Tips to Make Your Skin Look Perfect

Posted on May 30 2017

You may look at that title and think, “Perfect skin? You have to have money to get that!” Sure, there are expensive treatments that would make your skin look pretty great. But you’d be missing quite a bit of money from your bank account to get it. And there are things you can do that are both affordable and effective to get practically the same look.

1. Use gentle skin cleansers

In a desire to avoid breakouts, slow down aging, and a variety of other reasons, we often use harsh cleansers on our skin. Instead of using something so harsh, look for a cleanser made with natural ingredients. It will be gentler to your face and get you the same results as other cleansers.

2. Exfoliate less frequently

How often do we hear that exfoliation prevents aging? While that is true, too much exfoliation can actually cause damage to your skin! Over exfoliating can cause the surface of your skin to swell, clogging your pores and increasing the redness of your face.

3. Moisturize morning and night

Moisturizing is key to healthy looking skin! Be sure to use a moisturizer in the morning with sunblock, to protect you from sun damage. And use a moisturizer at night that will both hydrate and repair while you sleep. Check out this set from Geneva Naturals.

sunglasses and spf for skin care

4. Get plenty of rest

While you may be ok going through the day with little to no sleep, your skin does not enjoy it. In fact, it speeds up the aging process! And increases the dark circles under your eyes. Things we’d all like to avoid.

5. Avoid the sunlight

As mentioned above, protecting your skin from the sun should be part of your daily routine. Sunlight causes the most aging to your skin, which means you should protect it as much as possible.

woman lifting weights

6. Work out regularly 

We can’t be the only ones who don’t like to hear this one! But it’s true. By working out consistently, more blood (which means more oxygen) circulates throughout your body, including to your face. Through consistently exercising, you can experience a possible reversal of age signs on your skin.

7. Learn to relax

Yes, this helps with keeping your skin looking healthy. Why? Because when you are stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol, which breaks down the collagen and elastin in your face, both things that would otherwise help keep your skin looking fresh.

8. Eat the right food

 Foods loaded with antioxidants are what you want to focus on. And avoid foods with sugar. Sugar causes your body to increase production of cortisol, which, as we learned above, comes with all sorts of problems!

picking face with acne

9. Don’t pick your face 

 You heard it in high school, and we’re telling you now: stop picking your face! Whenever you pop that zit that was driving you crazy, you may be permanently scarring your face.

10. Focus on what works

 There are a lot of skin care fads out there. Don’t just jump on the latest bandwagon. Watch your skin. Understand what works on your skin and use it!

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