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Ingredient Breakdown: Vitamin E

Ingredient Breakdown: Vitamin E

Looking to improve the look, feel, and overall health of your skin? Search no longer! Vitamin E is a superstar ingredient considered by many to be one of the best vitamins for beautiful skin. It’s found in many products and can also be applied as an oil directly to the skin. Who knew? Vitamin E just may be the secret to achieving the complexion you desire. Here are five ways this vitamin can benefit your skin.

1. Protects

One of the main superpowers of vitamin E is its ability to fight damage from free radicals. We put our skin through a lot during the day, and exposure to the sun and other harsh elements can do a lot of damage over time. Since vitamin E is packed with antioxidants, it neutralizes those dangerous radicals and provides protection that is vital to keeping our skin looking and feeling healthy. 

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2. Smooths and Brightens

Have age spots and wrinkles taken up permanent residence on your skin? Is stress or a lack of sleep causing dark circles to creep up under your eyes? You can’t turn back the clock, but products like serums containing vitamin E may help to significantly reduce the signs of aging. These products help to restore collagen and encourage new growth, while helping dark circles, age spots, and wrinkles fade. 

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3. Cleanses

We all know it: the most basic rule of skin care is to cleanse regularly. Easy enough, right? Not quite. It’s not as simple as grabbing a bar of soap and scrubbing! What ingredients should we be cleansing with? You guessed it! Vitamin E is a powerful emollient, which means that it helps to rid the skin of excess dirt and oil without stripping it of its natural moisture. A win-win in the cleansing world!

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4. Moisturizes

Moisturizing is another crucial step in maintaining the health of your skin. In fact, you’ll find this vitamin in many sunscreens and after-sun products. That’s because of its amazing ability to encourage skin to retain moisture and stay hydrated, even when it’s exposed to drying elements like the sun and wind. A moisturizer with vitamin E will leave skin naturally moist and supple without any heavy, sticky residue.

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5. Heals

Even blemish-free skin can bear marks and scars from acne of the past. Vitamin E, especially in concentrated forms, is one of the best-known treatments for reducing their appearance. Over time, its antioxidant and cellular-building properties can work wonders for smoothing out scarred skin, pockmarks, and even stretch marks.


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Vitamin E

It’s a skin protectant, hydrator, cleanser, healer, and age-fighter all in one. Is there anything vitamin E can’t do? Sounds too good to be true, but time and again vitamin E has proven itself to be a major player in the quest to achieve flawless skin. If you’re looking for something that delivers results, this powerhouse ingredient may be worth adding to your skin care regimen! Check out these products containing Vitamin E from Geneva Naturals.

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