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Ingredient Breakdown: Moringa Oil

Ingredient Breakdown: Moringa Oil

Have you heard about the new superfood? If you haven’t, it’s moringa oil, and it boasts some amazing qualities. Whether you put it in your food, your hair, or on your skin, rumor has it you will notice significant improvements in your health. So what is moringa oil?  And what is in it that makes it so effect?

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Moringa oil is derived from a tree, called the moringa oleifera, found in India, Taiwan, Africa, Thailand, and the Philippines. Its leaves contain the powerful ingredients so many are raving about. They are loaded with minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, and more. The leaves contain high levels of antioxidant ingredients. And, as a bonus, as an oil it is easily absorbed into the skin. All things you want to hear when you’re looking for what to put on your skin each day. Now that we know what it is, what makes it so effective? 

Protects skin

Moringa oil is fairly unique in this regard. It prevents dirt and germs from sticking to your skin, which means it protects your skin from absorbing dirt, germs, and other pollutants in the environment. Instead, they simply wash off when washing your face. Which means your skin is protected from the free radicals those items carry, keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

Anti-aging properties

Moringa oil is high in many vitamins, but especially with vitamins A and C. With the help of these vitamins, moringa oil not only helps prevent free radical damage that leads to signs of aging, as mentioned above, but it has also been shown to improve skin texture and wrinkles. It even helps provide more volume to the skin, leaving skin glowing and looking young. Not only that, it prevents the sagging of skin, keeping skin feeling tight and firm. We could go on with the anti-aging benefits, but we’ll stop there! 

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Fights blemishes

Who doesn’t deal with some form of a breakout? Whether it is blackheads or acne, moringa oil can help. When the body’s oil, or sebum, is produced in higher quantities than needed, we break out. Moringa oil has been proven to effectively slow down the production of sebum. And less oil means less breakouts. And what does that mean for those with naturally oily skin? You’ll get help fighting the oil battle! Moringa oil helps to rebalance natural oil production. Talk about a miracle oil!

Relieves pain and itching

When it comes to healing, moringa oil takes the cake. It is an all-natural way to relieve minor cuts, burns, scrapes, and scratches. Moringa oil has been found to increase closure rates in wounds, and aids in healing with its antiseptic qualities. It can even relieve the itch of an insect bite. It turns out that moringa oil really does live up to its hype. This superfood can help us slow the aging process, keep our skin clear, heal sun damage, and provide relief to any other minor skin damage. With so many wonderful properties, it may be worth a try!
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