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5 Overnight Beauty Tricks for a Fresh and Beautiful Morning

5 Overnight Beauty Tricks for a Fresh and Beautiful Morning

Want to look like the ladies on Instagram who #wokeuplikethis? And by "this," we don't mean a hot mess with dry patchy skin, bedhead, and morning bloat.

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If you always wake up like a super unattractive version of yourself, fret not because you are not alone, and you won’t have to keep waking up like that all of your life either.

For some people, sleep is just a way of waking up with some semblance of energy the next morning, but you can make sleep part of your beauty routine. It’s not sometimes referred to as “beauty” sleep for nothing. So wash your face and get ready to say goodbye to bags under eyes that make you look super tired, below are some of the best overnight beauty tricks you can do to wake up to a fresh and beautiful you the next morning!

1. Do an Overnight Hair Spa Treatment

First, on this list is getting rid of bed head. Your movement during the night coupled with the friction created between your mane and your cotton pillow covers can cause tangles in your hair that can lead to damage. An overnight hair spa treatment can keep your hair silky smooth as you go off to dream land. Whether you use something from the drugstore (like the ones from Pantene) or one that is more expensive, your hair will be so silky smooth the next day. A personal favorite of ours is just massaging olive oil or virgin coconut oil on our scalp and combing it down from your roots to your tips. Wrap your hair in a towel before you go to sleep to prevent soiling your pillows. When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is shampoo the oil out.

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2. Do an Overnight Face Mask

There is no more awesome cheap thrill than a great face mask. Not only will masks help you wake up looking moisturized and refreshed just wearing them can be incredibly soothing. A lot of the redness and patchiness that you wake up with can come from the dryness that develops overnight either because of the weather or your air conditioning. Having a mask on can help keep your face hydrated all night.

Pro Tip: If you can get them in your area, try face masks from Korean skin care brands. They are by far the best and the cheapest! Also, if you have issues with neck and chest wrinkles, a wipe-on facial mask (as opposed to one that has an applicator that contours to your face) can be applied to both your neck and your chest so that these areas can also stay hydrated overnight.

This is a must watch: 5 Best Morning Skincare Routine | from Consumer Health Digest

3. Drink Tea Before You Go to Sleep

A lot of your beauty issues can be traced to the fact that you might not be getting enough quality sleep. Not enough sleep can lead to increased levels of stress, which may exacerbate acne, rosacea, eczema and other skin conditions. One of the things you can do to ensure a good night’s beauty sleep is to drink bedtime teas that contain chamomile or valerian.  Lavender tea can also help you relax and unwind after a long day at work, leading to more restful sleep.

Pro Tip: To ensure a good night’s rest, refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks (including some types of tea) after 2pm.

4. An Overnight Treatment for Your Feet

This has got to be one of the best and cheapest tricks on this list. Make your feet look like you’ve recently gotten a foot spa by slathering Vaseline all of over them and wearing socks over your feet. This beauty tip is as simple as it gets but doing this regularly will make your feet super soft, you won’t even have to go to the spa any more!

5. Refrigerate Your Eye Cream

This piece of advice is an absolute gem. Refrigerating your favorite eye cream before applying it does not in any way affect how effective it is. It can, however, lend to reducing the puffiness around your eyes. Having cold eye cream on your lids can also be pretty relaxing. With some eye cream and the best wrinkles cream, you’re pretty much all set.

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