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Ingredient Breakdown: Edelweiss

Ingredient Breakdown: Edelweiss

What is it?

While you’ve likely heard the word Edelweiss, it isn’t just part of a song from a well-known musical. It is actually a plant. A flower, to be exact. A small, white flower that grows mainly in the mountains of Switzerland. And why are you hearing about it? What’s all the buzz about?

Edelweiss is a new, highly effective ingredient in the anti-aging battle! While it isn’t easy to come by (it only blooms between August and September), it is a resilient flower. It can grow on rocky mountain terrain with little sunlight, and can handle extreme temperature and altitude changes. Its resilience must contribute to its valuable skin care properties. It builds up resilience, and helps skin cell replenish and rebuild after damage.  Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn what makes this flower so effective!

What is in it?

The components of Edelweiss are vast and impressive. Who would have thought such a small and hardy flower could contain so much power?

edelweiss flower


The damage to the skin from the sun is one of the leading causes of aging skin. Edelweiss fights the free radicals of the sun through its high concentration of flavonoids and phenolic acid. These components fight the UV-induced damage caused by sun exposure. And, even better, edelweiss acts as a sunscreen, preventing further damage.


Edelweiss is a deep moisturizer, moisturizing through multiple layers of skin. Better yet, when it moisturizes the skin cells, it also strengthens them. Edelweiss helps the skin cells hold on to its moisture. And why is that important? When your skin cells hold on to moisture, they better regulate moisture production on your skin. This in turn helps your skin cells combat the effects of dry and oily skin!

Blood flow

This amazing flower can do quite a lot, including helping with blood flow. As we get older, our circulation may slow down, inhibiting the blood from getting to the cells in our skin, which slows the rejuvenation process and makes the skin appear older. Edelweiss helps to restore the natural flow, allowing blood to get to the skin cells and begin the rejuvenation process.


Edelweiss is full of antioxidants, which play a key role in anti-aging. The antioxidants help repair the effects of aging and assist in preventing further aging. It helps repair wrinkles and fine lines, giving you the youthful glow you’ve been working towards. 

edelweiss mountain flower

Stem Cell

As mentioned before, edelweiss grows in rather harsh climates. Climates most plants couldn’t survive in. But the edelweiss flower can, in part because it produces and number of active substances that help protect against the intense UV rays and high altitude. By pulling the stem cells out of the plant, those stem cells can be used to help the skin heal, repair, and defend itself against the harsh climate. While edelweiss may seem newer to the anti-aging market, its healing properties are proving to be essential in the skin care world!

edelweiss flower

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