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5 Ways to Avoid Dry Skin During Winter

5 Ways to Avoid Dry Skin During Winter

Who doesn’t love winter? The crisp breeze, bright, snowy days, rosy cheeks, and, let’s be honest, winter wardrobe, all add up to make a picture-perfect season. But one dreaded thing about winter? Dry skin! Who doesn’t hate it? But dry skin doesn’t have to end the joy of winter. With these 5 steps, you’ll be able to have moist skin and enjoy the winter too.

1. Moisturize

It’s probably already part of your skin regime, which makes it an easy step. But if it isn’t, start moisturizing now, because the winter makes moisturizing more important than ever. Not only is the air dry outside, but heating your house pumps hot air inside, drying your skin out even more! So be sure to moisturize, but moisturize smart. Use a moisturizer shortly after showering or taking a bath to trap in the moisture. And look for a moisturizer that is oil based, but non-clogging, like avocado, mineral, or almond oil. These will not clog your pores, like other oil based products, and will put a protective layer around the skin.
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2. Sunscreen

When it’s cold outside, sunscreen is probably one of the last things you’d think of as keeping your skin moist and supple in the winter. But it is! The winter sun is intense and can damage skin more than you would imagine. By using a broad-spectrum sunscreen on your face and hands, you will not only protect your skin from some serious sun damage, but you will help it retain its moisture. And if you look for products with more than just SPF, you’ll be able to both moisturize and protect, all at the same time. Products like Geneva’s Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer with SPF are just the trick, helping you in more ways than one! Here is a great TEDx video on why to wear sunscreen:

3. Humidifier

Remember that hot, dry air pumping through your house in the winter? Well, not only will moisturizer help in keeping your skin dry, but a humidifier will play just as key a role. A humidifier adds moisture to the air. That in turn helps hydrate your skin, protecting you from dealing with flaky, itchy skin all winter. Talk about a winter win!

4. Hot Water

Hot showers and baths feel glorious in the winter. Your body soaking in warm water after dealing with the cold all day long? It sounds perfect. But what you don’t realize is that warmth that you’re loving? That super hot water? It dries out our skin even more. It removes natural oils from your skin. And the more you remove natural oils from the skin, the drier your skin becomes. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a relaxing bath or shower. Taking a lukewarm bath with baking soda or oatmeal can help relieve itchy, dry skin and be a relaxing break from the cold, all at the same time.
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5. Facial Products

Often, when our faces become especially dry, we think using more skincare products will somehow make our skin feel better. But in the winter especially, you have to be careful. Masks sound like a great way to help with dry skin, but using harsh peels, masks, and any alcohol-based items (like toner or astringents) will strip oil from your skin, leaving it dry. Using masks that are deeply hydrating will keep your skin feeling healthy and bright all winter long. 
  1. Use moisturizer in the morning
  2. Use sunscreen to protect from sun throughout the day
  3. Turn on the Humidifier to keep moisture high in house
  4. No matter how tempted - Avoid hot water, it dries up your skin
  5. Use less facial products as too much may remove natural oils
We hope these five tips will help you enjoy fresh, dewy skin all winter long! If you have any tips to add leave a comment below. And if you want to stay up to date with the latest and greatest skin care tips hit the subscribe button!

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