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Boosting Your Metabolism

boosting your metabolism

boosting your metabolism

What Is Metabolism?

Metabolism is a word often associated with weight loss or weight gain. Once assumed to be purely genetics, recent studies have proven that diet and lifestyle play a huge role in the speed and efficiency of one’s metabolism.  Because of this, it’s important to understand what exactly metabolism is.

It all starts with nutrients.  Nutrients, or calories, that are ingested are broken down by metabolism pathways to produce energy. This energy is necessary for the body to synthesize new proteins and nucleic acids.  There are many components that play a factor in understanding how much energy the body needs in order to function properly such as age, weight, physical activity, and overall health.

Does Your Metabolism Need a Boost?

If your metabolic function is less than ideal, you may suffer from one or all of these side-effects:

  • constant fatigue
  • frequent cold body temperature
  • thinning hair
  • dry skin
  • low libido
  • irregular periods
  • brittle fingernails
  • insomnia
  • bloating after eating
  • anxiety and/or depression
  • slow weight loss
  • brain fog
  • allergies and hypersensitivities
  • weakened immune system

5 Tips for Healthy Metabolism

healthy food to boost metabolism

Although there are many physical components that dictate how your exact metabolism functions, there are some tips and tricks everyone can incorporate to naturally boost your metabolism safely and efficiently!

1. Buy Organic

Non-organic foods are often genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that contain harmful toxins and unwanted hormones.  Eating organic ensures your body is consuming nothing but viable, high-quality nutrients. Having a diet rich in carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and 20+ other inorganic elements plays a major role in how the body turns calories into energy.  If diets lack a healthy balance of these necessary elements, it’s incapable of properly creating burnable energy, leading to unwanted weight gain and health limitations.

2. Drink More Water

Pumping your body with water allows the liver to break down particles and toxins more efficiently meaning the body has more energy to break down calories.  The more calories the body burns, the less fat it stores.

3. Eat!

Don’t assume skimping on the calories is the key to a healthy weight.  When the body doesn’t get the right amount of food, it enters starvation mode.  Once starvation mode is activated, it actually slows your metabolism.  Stick with nutrient-dense foods like leafy greens, whole grains, lean meats, and low-sugar fruits for optimal results. And don't skip meals!

4. Weight Train

Lifting weights increases the amount of lean muscle mass in the body. Lean muscle mass uses more calories than fat, which in turn increases the speed of your metabolism.  Participating in resistance training or weight training at least 3/week will keep the metabolism consistent.

5. Get Lots of Sleep

Your body needs sleep in order to properly rejuvenate the metabolic process. Humans who get 7-9 hours of sleep every night are known to have more balanced levels of the cortisol hormone which is essential for a healthy weight.  High cortisol levels associated with a lack of sleep are linked to poor mental activity, weight gain, and imbalanced insulin levels.

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boost your metabolism

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