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3 Ways Stress is Affecting Your Looks and Tips to Keep You Looking Flawless

how stress is affecting you

If you are a human above the age of 18 who has bills, a job, a life - then you have more than likely had to deal with your fair share of stress. And since there is no way to avoid the aforementioned stress, the best thing one can do is learn how to manage it. I know what you’re thinking… easier said than done. However, managing your stress is not so difficult. Things like eating healthy, working out regularly and getting ample sleep, can keep your stress level down or help to relieve it all together. If you don’t put your stress in check, many doctors say signs of it can show up in your physical appearance. Stress can affect your skin, hair and nails – and not in a good way! Here are 3 terrible effects of stress that can affect your appearance, and helpful tips that will help to keep you looking like the flawless goddess you are.

flawless woman modeling

Dark Circles

Anxiety about the day or week ahead can cause you to lose sleep which can lead to pesky dark circles. Lacks of zzz’s can cause the blood vessels under the skin of your eyes to dilate, creating a dark tint. Lack of sleep is also known to create under eye bags or puffiness under your eyes. To combat dark circles and under eye bags, dermatologists suggests placing cold spoons on the area under your eyes for a few moments in the morning or placing a damp and cooled tea bag underneath each of your eyes for a few minutes. Leading dermatologists also recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep, avoiding sleeping on your stomach as the gravity is also known to cause under eye bags, and applying a facial cream with SPF daily helps protect you skin from harmful skin rays.

woman with dark circles

Gray Hair

While many doctors agree that gray hair is genetic it has also been proven that if a person is predisposed to gray hair, stress can cause it appear sooner. If your gray hairs are bothering you, speak with your doctor about taking more vitamin B or biotin, as these will help to strengthen your hair and help prevent gray hairs from appearing. Many retailers also offer protein-rich shampoos which can help protect your tresses against premature graying.

gray sad cat

Brittle Nails

Stress can also negatively affect the appearance of your hands. When under stress your nails can become brittle and thin. Additionally, stress can lead to bad nail habits, such as picking at or biting your nails and cuticles. Och! This can damage your nails further and even lead to an infection! Do your best to fight stress by tapping into your inner yogi. Relaxation practices and techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing or treating yourself to a massage can be helpful. In the meantime, if your brittle nails are causing you even more stress, try covering them with nail art until they grow out.


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