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5 Beauty Tips to Steal from Your Makeup Artist!

beauty tips to steal from your makeup artist

We’ve all admired and wondered how makeup artist work their magic. However, no matter how hard we’ve tried or practiced it seems like we just can’t ever really recreate their coveted looks on our own. Luckily for you, however, those days are gone as we embarked on the ultimate quest to bring you these 5 simple beauty tips and hacks, from leading makeup artists professionals that are sure to change your life.

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1. Wax

Our first tip gives lip waxing a whole new meaning to say the least. To start, grab your favorite clear wax brow pencil and carefully line your lips with it before applying your favorite lipstick. Why, do you ask? According to leading industry professionals, the wax from your brow pencil will keep your lipstick from running and fading.

2. Stroke of a Brush

When applying your foundation, be sure to hold the brush at the very end. This might feel a bit strange at first as you’ll have less control, but in the end, will leave you with a much softer and natural beauty look.

3. Double Up on the Bronzer

Stay with us here... While we realize that bronzer may not seem like the most obvious candidate for double duty product use, many makeup professionals say otherwise. Go for a natural look, and save time by gently sweeping your favorite bronzer over your eyelids in place of eye shadow. This will give your eyes a natural splash of color making them standout with a minimal amount of effort necessary!

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4. Say Goodbye to Dark Circles

To decrease the look of dark circles celebrity makeup artist from around the world recommend taking a matte red-orange lipstick and mixing it with your concealer before applying it to your under eye area. Sound weird? Yes. Trying it anyway? Absolutely.

5. Mist

It’s no secret that a dewy finish to your makeup is currently all the rage. To obtain that coveted Jennifer Lopez-esque finish, simply spritz your face with your favorite facial mist once you’ve finished applying all of your makeup. Facial mist will add that desired glow and dewiness and instantly eliminate any hard lines or cake-ness from your foundation. Winning!

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