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In honor of backwards day we decided to play a small prank on our customers. Of course while we are not actually having a launch of a "Rapid Aging Cream", who would want that anyways? We are celebrating the day that everything is meant to be, well, backwards. 

Backwards Day Skin Care Rapid Aging Serum

This day is only limited by your imagination and we encourage you to submit photos to us of what you did for Backwards Day through social media. Just use the hashtag #genevabackwards. We will select the best photos.

Be Geneva!

Geneva Naturals was created with the belief that self-care shouldn’t be limited to vacations. We created Geneva Naturals for the woman who never takes a break -- whether that be in motherhood, her career, or anything that she endeavors. We are definitely still an Natural Anti-Aging and Wrinkle reducing company! We thank you for being brave and landing on this page, please enter your email below to receive a 30% coupon code on all of our products only usable on Backwards Day!

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History of Backwards Day!

Sarah Nicole Miller and Megan Emily Scott created Backwards Day on January 29, 1961. They were thinking about making arts and crafts, while milking cows on the Miller family farm, when the idea struck them. Later that evening, they sat down and made the rules. The idea got out amid the community, and on January 31, 1962, the first Backwards Day occurred. The two women were walking down the street, when they saw all the townspeople doing things backwards! - Holiday Insights