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Why You Shouldn't Skimp on Your Beauty Sleep

Why You Shouldn't Skimp on Your Beauty Sleep

We hear it all the time, sleep and rest are really important for us. They are so essential for our overall health. But, as busy as we are, how many of us are really getting our necessary sleep?

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Skimping on your beauty rest is a no, no. Here are the top beauty reasons why you should step away from any night time distractions and get to snoozing early.

Skin Renewal

Let's get real, one of the top reasons to get your sleep is for gorgeous skin. Our skin repairs and renews itself while we sleep. Not getting enough sleep can increase acne breakouts and any skin sensitivities as well as allergies. Sleeping your way to flawless skin is such an easy thing to do, our skin creates new collagen when we sleep and that's part of the repairing process.

Sleep Tip: Set a sleep schedule, and do your best to not disrupt it. Going to bed at the same time everyday sets your body clock to know when it’s time for rest. Your body will fall asleep so much faster each night, it will thank you... trust me!

Stronger Hair

Lack of sleep and stress can totally affect your fabulous locks. It can cause your hair to become duller and thinner.

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Healthy Body Weight

Sleep is so important for maintaining a healthy weight for your size. When you don't get enough sleep, your body feels stressed. The higher the level of stress hormone (called cortisol) the more your appetite will increase. Being sleep deprived affects your choices, leading you to choose the bag of chips over a healthy snack. Also, not getting enough sleep can totally affect your metabolism, it can really slow it down.

No Dark Circles

Ever notice how those ugly under eye circles seem to get deeper and darker when you are tired and haven't had much sleep? Sleeping reduces the appearance of those under eye circles. This means less concealer in the morning and an easier makeup routine to get out the door.

Sleep Tip: Sip some warm decaffeinated chamomile tea 30 minutes to an hour before bed, this will help get your body in a relaxing mood. Jasmine and chamomile tea have such a calming and relaxing affect. I love cinnamon, lime, and honey tea as my go-to.

Overall Mood & Stress

With our hectic schedules it’s hard to get a good night sleep. But sleep actually relieves stress and puts us in a better mood. Adding a short nap during the day can make you even more productive. No time for a nap (I mean really who does?). Turn off all electronic devices early and set yourself on a sleep routine for success. Sleep is such an important part of our overall wellness. Lack of sleep can affect our bodies in many ways, but the benefits of sleep are endless. When we sleep our bodies recharge.

Sleep also helps maintain our immune system in check. Want to improve your hair and skin even more while you sleep? Do a nice face mask or exfoliate your skin with a gentle face scrub. After a long day of moisturizers and layers of makeup, what’s better than to let your skin breath and renew itself? Your skin will thank you. Adding an overnight moisturizing repairing cream is a great way to hydrate your hair while you sleep. A bit of coconut oil overnight on dry hair really helps make a difference.

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