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Why You Should Buy Yourself A Lip Oil Now

why you should buy yourself a lip oil now

buy lip oil

Most of us have carried around a lipsmacker or two in our back pockets at some point, and lip gloss has always been a go-to to add some color and shine to an otherwise dry, dull pout. But in the last several years, a new, more natural way to showcase your lips has hit the beauty scene and is picking up in popularity: lip oil.  As winter draws to a close and spring nears, lip oils are the perfect way to nourish, moisturize and give a light, subtle tint to your smile.

Best Ingredients

Like most beauty products, lip oils come in a variety of tints and formulas. To get the most out of your lip oil, look for ingredients that will naturally nourish your lips. Jojoba, almond, coconut and olive oil all deliver tons of moisture and prevent future flaking. Vitamins A and E provide important nutrients and even encourage more rapid cell regeneration for younger looking lips. Essential oils like chamomile, jasmine, and lavender can soothe and strengthen a dry, cracked smile.


1. No More Sticky Lips

While traditional lip gloss certainly delivers a shiny finish, it also leaves lips feeling sticky and must be reapplied often to retain its sheen. One of the benefits of a lip oil is that it gives a longer-lasting, more natural-looking shine without being overly sticky to the touch. And while gloss generally just sits on top of your lips, lip oil penetrates beneath the surface and creates a beautiful, lasting sheen from within.

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2. Extreme Moisture

Our lips differ from the rest of our skin because they don’t produce their own natural oils, and so they are more prone to drying out. Instead of reaching for lip balm to hydrate dry lips, try a lip oil instead. Because of their natural make-up, you can even apply lip oil on top of your favorite lipstick to add a boost of hydration and lock in essential moisture. Applying your lip oil before bed (use a non-pigmented oil at night) will ensure you wake up with lips that feel moist and refreshed.

3. Lip Nourishment & Comfort

Lip oils aren’t a short-term fix for chapped lips; they deliver long-lasting nourishment and improve the health of your lips over time and with repeated use. Not only can they minimize the appearance of fine lines around your mouth, they also contain ingredients to help prevent new ones from forming and contribute to an overall fresh, youthful complexion.

4. Natural, Subtle Color

You can apply your lip oil over your favorite shade of lipstick to enhance or give a slight variation to its color, or it can be worn alone to complement and augment your lip’s natural pigment. And you can find lip oil in just about any shade imaginable, so you can wear it anywhere, from a casual lunch date to a fancy night out.

How to Use Lip Oil

If you’re ready to swap out your usual gloss to give lip oil a try, here are a few tips for application. It’s a good idea to exfoliate your lips before applying to ensure a smoother and more complete finish, and to allow the oil’s lip-loving ingredients to penetrate more deeply underneath the skin. Re-apply daily or when needed and enjoy the improved texture of your ultra-moisturized, nourished pout!

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