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Top 5 Countries to Visit in 2018

top 5 countries to visit in 2018

countries to visit in 2018

With recent advancements in transportation, and a cultural shift from things to experiences, frequent travel has become the norm.  In fact, Americans spent over $630 billion dollars in 2017 on domestic and international travel. Venturing out of the U.S. and seeing other countries isn’t the huge, costly ordeal it used to be.  Whether it’s taking advantage of a great sale on plane tickets, or planning a two-week cruise around Europe, Americans are getting out and experiencing life in a whole new way. Below, we've identified the top five countries you should consider visiting in 2018. Happy travels! 

Where to Start

Planning a trip to a country you’ve never seen can be challenging.  Booking tickets, hotels, transportation, and tours can be overwhelming, but with help from travel agents and travel sites like, trips can be planned in a matter of hours.  But before you can book a trip, it’s important to figure out your destination first! To help you decide what foreign land will interest you most, we’ve compiled a list of countries that offer an array of climates, hobbies, and aesthetics.  

Top 5 Destinations

1. Portugal

visit Portugal 2018

Portugal has a dynamic center for art, culture and cuisine. This small country is making a name for itself thanks to its artfully designed museums, large microbreweries, and world-renowned chefs.  More reasons Portugal is so appealing to families and young travelers is the affordability of a trip and its amount of natural wonders.  This small nation is home to more than 300 beaches, offering plenty of options for a secluded getaway.

2. South Korea

visit South Korea 2018

The capital city of Seoul became a hot tourist attraction in 2017 with the opening of Seoul-lo 7017, a high-line park with bars, cafes, and libraries. A new high-speed railway line that was created for the 2018 Winter Olympics can take visitors across the country with ease. And when the snow melts, tourists can enjoy miles of hiking trails and endless trips to the beach, making South Korea a vacation destination spot year-round.

3. New Zealand

visit new zealand 2018

A suite of trails called the Great Walks take travelers thru the most extraordinary wilderness available. High mountains and lush valleys provide endless miles of breathtaking views that can be enjoyed kayaking down rivers or sipping on wine from the local vineyards.  Skiing in the winter and trips to the beach in the summer round out the main attractions of this great country.

4. South Africa

visit South Africa 2018

Wildlife and wine, beaches and mountains, and streets filled with vibrant culture make South Africa one of the most alluring countries. Jeep tours allow tourists to see elephants and rhinos first hand, while boating tours provide fresh air and cool breezes. With a favorable exchange rate guaranteeing great value, South Africa makes our list at #4.

5. Malta

visit malta 2018

A laid-back vibe, thanks to the proximity to a warm sea and more than 300 annual days of sunshine, puts Malta on the list as one of the top relaxation spots. Amazingly fresh cuisine combined with gorgeous sunsets and tours of ancient ruins provides all-day bliss for tourists seeking a more peaceful environment.

Have fun planning your next vacation! If you're in search of more ideas, check out this article on 10 of the most beautiful places in the world to add to your bucket list. To keep your skin in top condition leading up to and during your trip, check out our natural, protective skin care products:

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