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The Boss Babe’s Guide to On-The-Go Beauty Fixes

Boss Babe's Guide to on the go Beauty Fixes

Though it pains to admit it, between commutes to work, slaying the day, hitting the gym, and running all of our errands, sometimes we can be looking a little less ~flawless~ than usual. Even though you can get through the day like a total beauty boss babe, sometimes part of being human includes disheveled hair, a little bit of forehead shine, and dry skin. Need a quick guide to fixing these natural beauty blunders? Look no further, we have your beauty-bag essentials, sorted.

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Dry Shampoo

Catching the bus or subway, dashing through elevators, and/or squeezing in a lunch-break workout can tend to make tresses look a little bit tired. Spritzing in a little bit of dry shampoo is a great way to extend your style or amp up the volume in your hair without spending a lot of time on it. Simply part your hair, spray in into the root, and run a brush or fingers through to distribute. Keeping a mini bottle in your purse is a great way to make sure that every hair-day is a good one.

Powder Compact

Looking a little more glowy than you would prefer? Keep your look more on the “lit-from-within” side than greasy by carrying a powder compact with you to refresh your foundation and reduce unwanted shine. To keep your foundation from looking cakey, first dab your t-zone with an oil blotting sheet, then follow with a light dusting of powder with a small powder brush or sponge. Your compact can also double as an on-the-go mirror, so you only have to carry one. Minimizing purse junk? Check.

powder compact


Don’t let your green smoothie linger. Need we say more?

Tinted Lip Balm

To keep your look pulled together, make sure you put some color on your pout. When you need a quick solution, liners and lipsticks can become way too high-maintenance -- not to mention fussy. Instead, opt for a tinted balm. The light wash of color isn’t too harsh, which makes for a more forgiving application, so you can be confident skipping the mirror! With the added bonus of being a moisturizing lip balm, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.


This one is our all-time favorite for refreshing any look. Not only can you use your favorite lotion as a makeup remover for stubborn mascara (see ya, post-gym raccoon eyes!), but it serves as the perfect base for makeup application to moisturize and refresh your canvas. You can also use it on dry skin, cuticles, hair flyaways, or even your lips to soothe and smooth any dryness. Because no one likes flakiness.

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