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Ingredient Battle: Rosemary v. Honeysuckle

ingredient battle rosemary honeysuckle

rosemary v honeysuckle


What is it?

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with fragrant leaves. It is native to the Mediterranean and is part of the mint family.

Why do people love it?

Some people consider Rosemary to be sacred. It is a powerful herb and has an enjoyable fragrance. Rosemary also provides many skin care, cognitive, and health benefits.



Rosemary has been proven to reverse inflammation, helping to relieve pain, swelling, and reducing signs of premature aging such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and sagging skin. It is used to help treat symptoms of arthritis, reduce swelling after surgeries, and decrease the appearance of bags under the eyes. Rosemary also helps to heal wounds and bruises.  

Improve Memory

The skin isn’t the only part of the body that can show premature signs of aging – memory can, too. Rosemary has been used anciently to help with memory. It is used aromatically for alertness and to enhance memory performance.


Carnosol is an active chemical in rosemary that is said to have anti-cancer properties. It can help with various forms of cancer including skin, leukemia, breast, and prostate. Rosemary aids in halting the growth of cancer cells and helps to reduce risk of cancer.

How to use it?

Rosemary is used fresh, dried, and as an essential oil. It is an herb used for seasoning and can be used as a natural product for hair and skin care. Rosemary can be used aromatically as well and can also be combined with other essential oils for greater results.

rosemary for skin care


What is it?

Honeysuckle is an ornamental shrub and vine that produces many small trumpet-shaped flowers. Sometimes it is referred to as “woodbine”.

Why do people love it?

Honeysuckle is a robust plant that is easy to grow. It is beautiful, fragrant, and its seeds and leaves provide many skin care and health benefits.


Helps with Various Skin Conditions

Wounds, rashes, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can benefit from honeysuckle. Honeysuckle can also be used as an acne treatment and to prevent acne scars. When it comes to skin care, the stems are usually the preferred part of the plant to utilize.


Its ability to reduce inflammation makes honeysuckle a great product for relieving headaches, reducing bags under eyes, and helping to reduce swelling caused by inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, burns, cuts, eczema, or psoriasis.


Honeysuckle has anti-bacterial properties that help treat coughs, colds, and infections. Its anti-bacterial properties also allow for honeysuckle to work as an acne treatment since it helps to eliminate the bacteria that leads to pimples.

How to use it?

You’ll find there are a variety of products that contain honeysuckle which help to prevent signs of aging, treat acne, boost mood, soothe wounds, eliminate headaches, and assist with other conditions. Look for natural skin care products that contain honeysuckle such as shampoos, anti-aging creams, lotions, face masks, and other beauty products.

honeysuckle for skin care

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