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Ingredient Battle: Argan Oil vs. Honey

ingredient battle argan oil vs honey

Argan Oil

What is it?

Argan oil is a natural oil that is used to enhance the flavor of food and is also used for skin care and cosmetic purposes. Inside the fruit of the argan tree, found in the Argan Forest in Morocco (famous for their tree-climbing goats), are little nuts that have kernels inside from which argan oil is extracted.  

goats in argan trees in morocco

Why do people love it?

Many people love argan oil because of its many uses. It is used to heal wounds, relieve rashes, and improve the health of the skin and hair. Argan oil can also be used as a dietary supplement or in cooking for its nutty flavor.


Fights Signs of Aging

Argan oil contains antioxidants called polyphenols which help to prevent and reduce the signs of aging. Antioxidants protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and help to protect the elasticity of the skin. Rich in vitamins A and E, argan oil also helps to combat stretch marks, tone the skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Plumps up the Skin

The omega-3 fatty acids found in argan oil boost collagen growth which plumps the skin. Argan oil helps to repair damaged skin and provides it with healthy nutrients that work to prevent irritation and dry skin. It also prevents water loss, leaving the skin plump with a dewy, ageless appearance.

bowl of argan oil

Conditions the Hair

Argan oil conditions hair without weighing it down or leaving a greasy feel. Many people use argan oil as a leave-in conditioner that helps to control frizzy hair and tame loose strands of hair. Argan oil can also be used as a pre-treatment before adding shampoo to your hair. The fatty acids in argan oil fortify and strengthen the hair.   

Fights Acne and Soothes Burns

Whether you have normal, dry, or oily skin, argan oil can act as an acne treatment by balancing out your natural oil production. Argan oil for acne doesn’t clog the pores and helps to moisturize the skin. It is also useful in treating burns and wounds. It is used by men and women to treat razor burn and soothe the skin.

How to use it?

Argan oil can be used simply as an oil, like coconut oil, but is often found in skin care products, hair care products, and serums. It can also be used as a culinary oil to enhance the flavor of various dishes.


What is it?

Honey is a thick, sweet fluid made by bees from flower nectar. The color of honey can vary depending on the flower the nectar comes from.

bees on honey comb

Why do people love it?

Many people love the sweet flavor of honey, but it is also loved for its ability to suppress a cough, cleanse the skin, and heal the body.



Honey is an excellent natural humectant. A humectant draws moisture from the air into the skin, allowing for deep hydration. Honey helps the skin retain moisture and elasticity without causing dry skin, making it beneficial to those with oily skin.

Protects Against Aging Skin

Antioxidants help to protect the skin and body from free radical damage which can lead to tissue damage. Damaged tissue often results in wrinkles, fine lines, and the disappearance of plump skin. Honey is also a great anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatories help to reduce redness, prevent acne breakouts, and reduce sagging skin.

bee on purple flower

Fights Disease

Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants found in honey that have been shown to prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer. The darker the honey, the greater the antioxidant power it contains. Eating raw honey can also help manage diabetes and help to reduce the risk of developing it.


Honey is a natural antibacterial that prevents infection and helps to heal wounds. Its antibacterial properties also make honey a great acne treatment. Honey prevents bacteria from growing and causing breakouts. Honey has also been shown to help prevent staph infections, which are infections on the skin or nose caused by bacteria.

How to use it?

Raw honey can be used orally or topically. Some people choose to mix honey with other natural ingredients for optimal results for skin health or cough suppression. Honey is also often an ingredient in natural anti-aging skin care products that promote acne prevention and the healing of skin.

honey on wooden spoon

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