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How Does Night Cream Fit into Your Skin Care Routine?

night cream skin care routine

Night Cream and your Skin Care Routine

Figuring out a nightly skin care routine is overwhelming. What products are you supposed to use on your face each night? How important are they? And how does night cream fit in to the process? If you’ve asked any of these questions, you are not alone! Understanding what is important in a nightly skin care routine is an essential part of preventing the aging process. So, if you are unsure what to include in your skin care routine, and where a night cream fits into the process, just sit back, relax, and read on to learn what essential products should be included in your nightly routine. Night Skin Care Routine Steps

Start with the Right Steps

Your first step in a nightly skin care routine should be using a cleanser. Think of a good cleanser as the base, the starting point for your skin care routine. At the end of a long day, you’ve likely spent time outside in the elements. Pollutants have raged all around you. Makeup has been on your face all day. Cleaning your face nightly to remove the grime of the day helps your skin stay clean, and provides a good base for your night cream. Night creams play a key role in your skin care routine. A night cream is one of the best ways to heal your skin after a day of sun and pollutant exposure. Night Creams:
  • Soothe the skin, helping it to appear fresh and young
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Nourish and revitalize skin
  • Treat pigmentations, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots
Really, there’s no reason why you would want to skip using a night cream in your skin care routine. Geneva Naturals Anti-Aging Night Cream

Look at the Ingredients

But what kind of night cream should you use? With the wide array of options available, picking the right night cream is a daunting task. Look for creams with active ingredients, like amino acids, antioxidants, and most importantly, retinoids.

A retinoid is an active, effective skin care product that reduces clogged pores, evens out skin tone, and promotes anti-aging. It even minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. But if a retinoid is exposed to sunlight, it becomes inactive, which means, after cleansing your face at night, applying a retinoid is essential for it to be effective. It actively works during the night to help promote the anti-aging process.

There are many other products available that contribute to the healing are revitalization of your skin as you sleep. Eye creams provide essential relief and healing to the more sensitive skin are the eye area. Exfoliants remove dead skin, keeping your skin looking youthful and allowing a night cream to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

But one of the most important parts of your nightly skin care routine? After you’ve cleansed and applied a night cream? Sleep! Your skin rejuvenates and heals as you sleep, which means the active ingredients in your night creams become even more effective while you sleep. The more you sleep, the more you’ll see the anti-aging results of your skin care routine. What do you use in your night time skin care routine?

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