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How Cutting Out Sugar, Cheese & Excess Oil Transformed My Skin!

cut sugar cheese and oil for skin care

I am so tired of the breakouts! Ever since I was 11 years old I’ve lived with pimples. I’m NEVER without a zit on my face.

I’m now 40 ... way past puberty, and still struggling with this issue. I find my acne issue annoying and distracting, especially since I now make YouTube makeup tutorials.

You Are What You Eat

bowl of colorful m&ms

Beauty vlogging is saving my life. I say this because now I’m finally ready to address what I’ve always known in my heart ... my diet is the main factor that determines the quality of my skin. Junk food is a main cause of my acne problem. I’ve learned that acne issues can be an initial sign of poor internal health. About 4 months ago, I ate 2 bags of M&M’s, I had a couple of mornings with pancakes for breakfast, and a couple of dinner meals containing excess oil; all in one week. I broke out with pimples on my cheeks and huge painful cysts all over my chin.

That same week, my church hosted a health screening day and it was determined that I had slightly elevated sugar and cholesterol levels. That slightly elevated reading completely blew me away! I thought I was a healthy woman and expected normal readings. It’s been my observation that:

  • Whenever I eat sugar, cheese or excess oil, within days or even a few hours of consumption, I’ll experience a flare up on my skin.
  • Whenever I refrain for weeks from eating sugar, cheese, and excess oil, my skin clears up and new pimples cease to come up.
  • Upon returning to a diet of sugar, cheese and/or excess oil, my skin will again begin to break out.

Clean Your Diet

healthy sandwich

Acne can be caused by a number of other factors including genetics, hormonal imbalance, poor skin care regimen, stress, lack of rest, and a lack of routine exercise. A healthy diet can help balance various deficiencies. I encourage you to:
  • Drink water
  • Exercise
  • Get enough sleep
  • Implement effective skin care regimen
  • Live on a vegan and organic diet as much as possible
  • Limit dairy products
  • Limit sugar consumption
  • Avoid processed food
  • Avoid excess oil

Be beautiful on the inside

What is of greater concern is the internal consequences a poor diet can have on your health. If it weren't for me caring so much about how my skin looked in my YouTube videos, I believe that I would be at higher risk for internal disease. We tend to become more concerned about our health when we begin to feel sick.

healthy happy woman

For many of us, external flaws, such as acne and excess weight gain, aren’t enough of a concern for us to refrain from the less than a clean and natural kitchen for the foods we love. You may not be a beauty vlogger, superstar or model. External “perfection” may not be a high priority in your life. But I encourage you to keep in mind that external issues, such as acne, may be signs of more serious internal health imbalances. I encourage you to pay close attention to the external signals your body may be sending you regarding your overall health. Your health is the most prized possession you have. If you’re healthy, you are wealthy.

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