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Can you afford a $25,000 Skin Care Regime?

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When $25,000 is mentioned in any skin care conversation, you can’t help but think – surgery. Or something invasive. Botox? Laser treatment? $25,000 couldn’t possibly be for anything else, could it? What skin care could cost that much? Surprisingly enough, there is a treatment that is so specialized, so specific, with ingredients customized to each individual’s face, that it actually totals $25,000 for each individual. Shocking, right? So what this new skin regimen give you?

haute couture skin care

Called Haute Couture by Biologique Recherche, this treatment provides a six month long, custom program that gradually increases in intensity and effectiveness. If you were to get this treatment, you would meet with an esthetician, who would provide an in-depth skin analysis. This analysis would test for skin hydration, trans-epidermal water loss, pigmentation, sebum levels, and elasticity. In addition, it would also review your daily routine: Diet, lifestyle, habits, environment, and more. This information allows the esthetician to create a starting point for your skincare. When this information is collected, it is passed on to a formula lab in Paris. There, they would create skin care products specifically designed to your needs, and deliver them to your door.

Each month, during the six months, you would return to the spa for a facial and assessment. And each month, those results would be sent off to Paris, where a medical team would review the results and send a new box of specialized formulas to your doorstep. Each month, you would receive new skin care products, adjusted to your changed skin care needs each month.

The Haute Couture by Biologique Recherche sounds like something we would all want – someone constantly analyzing our skin and adjusting our routine to fit our ever-changing skin. But the reality is, most of us don’t have $25,000 sitting around, let alone to spend on 6 months’ worth of skin care. But who said you need $25,000 to get personalized, specialized skin care? briefcase of cash

Exclusive Skin Care Products—Without the Hefty Price Tag

Much of what the estheticians test for in their regimen is what we can find ourselves. Diet? We know how we eat, most of us already know which foods cause us to break out, create oily skin, or cause other adverse skin reactions. Lifestyle? We all know the lifestyle we lead, and have read plenty on the effects (good or bad) lifestyles can have on the skin. Our habits and environment are easy to identify. And the question of skin hydration, water loss, pigmentation, elasticity, and sebum levels? Simply by observing our facial skin day to day, we can see and feel what problems our skin has.

So, can you afford a $25,000 skin care regimen? Maybe. Maybe not. But no matter what your budget is, you can definitely take charge of your own skin care. You can buy high quality, budget-friendly products—like those we offer at Geneva Naturals—that provide intensive moisture for your face in the winter, that have the healing power of Vitamin C in the summer, and that offer anti-aging properties. No need to spend thousands of dollars on them! You can keep you skin healthy, vibrant, and ageless, simply by being observant and proactive as you work towards your skincare goals! 

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