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Best Realistic Weight Loss Tips for Everybody

realistic weight loss tips for beginners

realistic weight loss tips

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you understand how challenging it can be.  Whether it’s a lack of dedication or a lack of self-control, over 95% of Americans who have intentionally lost weight end up gaining it back again.  Here are some of the best realistic weight loss tips that anybody can follow for long-lasting results.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

There are thousands of weight loss tips and supplements on the market guaranteeing fast, permanent results.  Teas, detoxes, creams, and laser treatments have promised the same, leading people to spend hundreds of dollars on products and plans that don’t have long-lasting results.  Why? Because there are two main factors that should be considered when pursuing a weight loss goal:  time and consistency.  

The key to shedding those extra pounds is to find a health and wellness plan that doesn’t focus on weight loss, but instead focuses on creating improved overall health.  When the body is healthy and is receiving proper nutrition, weight loss is inevitable. Shedding weight will happen, but like everything worthwhile, it takes time.

#1: Don’t Deprive Yourself

When you tell yourself certain foods are off-limits, they become much more appealing. It really is true that the brain wants what it can’t have.  If you’re the type of person who feels intense guilt eating certain foods, this can be a major setback in your progress, so here are two ways you can easily transition into a healthier lifestyle while keeping your brain happy:

Switch to healthier versions of your favorite treats

Ditch the Doritos and Hostess cupcakes and instead opt for organic goodies that are filled with nutrient-rich ingredients.  Check out your local Whole Foods or Sprouts for tasty doughnuts, frozen yogurt, and chips.

healthy pizza for weight loss

Eat in moderation

Learn to eat half of what you would normally binge out on.  If you’re going out to eat, drink a tall glass of water prior to eating and never turn down the soup or salad that’s offered with the entrée.  When the entrée comes, immediately put half in a to-go container for later, and enjoy every bite of what’s left on your plate.

#2: Don’t Workout Too Hard Right Away

Choose to take it slow when you begin a new workout routine.  Hitting the gym once a week should be the goal for the first couple weeks. From there, slowly increase the consistency until you reach 3x/week.  When consistency is established, you can focus on gradually increasing the length and intensity of each workout.  This is the best way to set yourself up for long-term success.

#3: Make Water Your Go-To Drink

Start by swapping out one sugary drink each day with water.  Choose fruit-infused water or unsweetened flavored water for an easy transition. When you get used to drinking more water and less sugary beverages, your health will begin to improve.  Drinking only one soda a week, and limiting your alcohol intake to a few servings a week, will drastically reduce the amount of sugar that’s consumed on a daily basis.  By doing this, weight loss will occur much quicker.

Long-term, sustainable results are all about consistency. Make sure you're also consistent with your skin care:

consistent skin care regimen


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