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8 Festive Family Date Night Ideas for the Summer

8 Festive Family Date Night Ideas for the Summer

Mommies everywhere know that when life gets hectic and everyone in your family seems to have a jam-packed schedule, finding time to connect as a family can be difficult. That’s where family date night comes into play! Family date nights provide the perfect opportunity to bond and spend time together as a family. It’s important to implement family date night into your lives, because not only is it loads of fun but it also shows your children just how much you enjoy spending quality time together. Scratching your head for date night ideas? We have just the thing. Here are 8 fun activiites that the whole family will enjoy. The best part? They’re all totally inexpensive!

1. Movies on the Lawn: 

watching outdoor movie on projector

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Pick up a new movie from your nearby Redbox, grab a ton of your favorite blankets, pillows and your portable DVD player for a movies on the lawn experience. Don’t forget the snacks!

2. Visit a Fire station:

visiting firefighter station

Most fire stations offer free tours plus your kids will love meeting all of their local heroes. And sliding down the firefighter pole of course!

3. Play Board Games:

family playing board games

Pull out the classics, grab some snacks and let the good times roll!

4. Around the World Night:

family cooking together

Pick a country and make a specialty dish from that country together. Ordering takeout counts too.

5. Hide and Seek:

family playing hide and seek

Hide and seek is a classic and can be played inside or outdoors.

6. Get Cultural:

couple at museum

Hide and seek is a classic and can be played inside or outdoors. Find your nearest art or science museum, snag a few tickets to the ballet, or catch a local play. Then get dressed up as a family and enjoy. Some of these places even offer discounts on certain nights.

7. Bowling night:

young girl bowling

Choose a fun themed night, enjoy the music and laugh at how funny everyone looks in their bowling shoes.

8. Traditional Date Night:

family at restaurant

Get gussied up and enjoy a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant as family. What are some of your favorite family date night plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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