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5 Reasons Why Hydrating Mist Spray Should Be an Essential in Your Beauty Routine

5 Reasons Why Hydrating Mist Spray Should Be an Essential in Your Beauty Routine

I can’t remember when my obsession with face mist sprays began, but I know that it’s something I can’t be without in my beauty routine.

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There are many of these multi-tasking skin savers on the market now and all offer varying ingredient combinations. It’s best to choose a product that suits your skin type and needs, and always go for something naturally based where possible. Want to know why I’m such a big fan? I could go on and on about the benefits, but here are my top 5 reasons:

1) Use It As a Toner

After washing my face I like to apply a mist spray prior to moisturising. Not only does this provide additional hydration, but it helps disperse the product further and results in a need for less moisturiser. I also find it assists with absorption, giving me more hydrated skin without any greasy residue.

2) It Compliments Your Makeup

After applying setting or finishing powder, you can often be left with lifeless looking skin and sometimes too much makeup settling into your fine lines and open pores. While this can make your skin look amazing on camera, it’s not so flattering in the flesh. I use a mist spray after finishing my makeup to give my skin a dewy glow and set my makeup in place. This also assists with dissolving any excess powder residue.

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3) Boost Hydration Throughout the Day

Particularly throughout winter, I find that my skin becomes dryer as the day goes on. Cold wind and sitting in dehydrating heating all day can really suck the moisture out of your skin. The use of a hydrating mist throughout the day can transform dry skin with a few quick sprays and won’t ruin your makeup in the process.

4) Travel Essential

If you’ve been on a plane before, you’ll know how dehydrated and lifeless your skin can feel after a few hours in the air. In addition to drinking as much water as possible, I like to carry a small mist spray bottle in my bag to rehydrate from the outside, during and after the flight.

5) Pick Me Up

If you sit in an office all day with heating or air-conditioning, it’s easy to hit a wall without access to regular sunshine or fresh air. Regular use of a mist spray can give you a refreshing re-charge when you’re starting to feel tired and lacking motivation towards the end of the day.

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