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4 Ways to be More Productive at Work…NOW!

how to be more productive at work

There are but so many hours in the day, which is why making the absolute most out of your time in the office is crucial if you want to be successful. To increase your contribution to your company eventually you may need to either, put in more hours or work smarter. We’re willing to bet you would prefer the latter and we don’t blame you. The key to being more productive is not difficult, however it does require that you make more conscious and deliberate decisions when it comes to how you manage your time. Here are 4 simple but highly effective tips that are sure to help you become more productive at work.

productive at work

Set Your Own Deadlines

For open-ended tasks or projects, we recommend giving yourself a deadline and then see it through. You’ll be surprised by how much your productivity increases when you know that you’re on deadline for a project – even if it is a self-appointed one.

Develop a Routine and Stick to It

Studies show that our minds are excellent at executing patterns. Establishing a routine around the way you best complete projects will make you more productive. Many successful business professionals recommend implementing a routine for every single task possible, including but not limited to how you check and respond to emails, how and when you file documents and of course the way you begin, execute and complete new tasks.


Follow the Two-Minute Rule

Many entrepreneurs recommend that you implement the two-minute rule, making the most out of small windows of time that you have at work. The rule simply suggests that if you have a project or task that you can complete within two minutes or less, complete it right away. Knocking out your smaller tasks when the time permits rather than going back later in the day to complete it will save you time.

Embrace Rush Hour Traffic

I know what you’re thinking, but stick with us here. Often more times than not we find ourselves stuck in dreaded rush hour traffic, be it going to work or on the way home. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook feeds or pinning new items to your DIY Pinterest board in frustration, try using that time to knock out important emails, brainstorm new ideas or fill out your weekly agenda.

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