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2 Simple Natural Remedies to Help You Turn Your Brain Off at Night and Sleep

natural remedies to help you sleep

Is a good night’s sleep eluding you? Can’t seem to turn your brain off?

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Here are two tried and true natural remedies to get you on the road to a restful night’s sleep. Whether your sleep issues arise from a packed schedule, daily commute, balancing family and work, stress, hormones, or the ‘round the clock access to technology, you just aren’t falling to sleep and staying asleep.  You are not alone! The CDC estimates that somewhere around 50-70 million people in the USA alone are right there with you staring at their ceiling. How much sleep we need varies as we age. The National Institute of Health says that our kiddos need about 10 hours, our teens could use about 9-10 hours and adults need roughly 7-8 hours of good restful sleep.

In our dreams, right? The inability to fall asleep and stay asleep can directly affect our general health. Sleep helps in the regulating of our hormones and in recharging our immune system. So that struggle to get a decent night’s sleep may be costing you more than you bargained for. Before you roll over and grab that bottle of pharmaceuticals that leave you foggy headed and hung over in the morning, try these 2 proven natural remedies for a good night’s sleep.

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Essential Oil Diffusing

Using an ultrasonic diffuser will change the way you live and sleep! These diffusers work by dispersing the essential oil into the air, allowing you to breath it in and get full use of the sleep promoting properties. This type of diffuser breaks down the oil into micro molecules by vibration then diffuses them into the air in a mist. No heat is used, so the essential oils are not compromised. Using a diffuser purifies and cleans the air, creating a healthier, calming environment for you to naturally relax and fall asleep. You can purchase one of these on line relatively inexpensive. Put this in your bedroom, fill with water as directed by the manufacturer, and add essential oils that are sleep promoting. Start your diffuser a half hour before bedtime. The amount of essential oil you use will depend on your diffuser size; use the recommended amount of drops of essential oil for your diffuser. Here are a few natural ingredient recipes to get you started:
  • Recipe 1: Lavender
  • Recipe 2: Lavender, Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram
  • Recipe 3: Lavender, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Chamomile
  • Recipe 4: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense

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The following list of essential oils are all good for promoting sleep, you can mix and blend what works best for you with what you have on hand. Some essential oils promote sleep by relaxing the body, other’s by calming the mind. When used topically these oils need to be blended in a carrier oil.
  • Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Sweet Marjoram
  • Bergamot
  • Frankincense
  • Vetiver
  • Sweet Orange
  • Ylang
  • Clary Sage

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DIY Sleep Well Massage Oil

Our second natural remedy to a restful night’s sleep is a DIY massage oil formulated with calming, soothing and sleep promoting essential oils in a light carrier oil. Massage this oil into your temples, on the bottom of your feet, your wrists, and even your sore shoulders. Combine this with your diffuser and say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to the land of Nod! DIY Sleep Well Massage Oil Recipes:
  • Recipe 1: 2 oz fractionated coconut oil  (this is the liquid coconut oil, not the solid form) 15 drops Lavender essential oil 8   drops Chamomile e.o. 7   drops Frankincense e.o.
  • Recipe 2: 2 oz fractionated coconut oil or any light carrier oil 20 drops Lavender essential oil 10 drops any combo of oils from above list
  • Recipe 3: 1 oz fractionated coconut oil or any light oil such as grapeseed, sunflower oil, sweet almond 10 – 15 drops of sleep promoting essential oils from list


I use fractionated coconut oil in my massage oil as it has an unlimited shelf life, does not stain bedding and absorbs in quickly, but you can use any light carrier oil. If you are pregnant, consult with your physician before using any essential oils.

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